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P +49 (0) 89 92 40 90

Arabellastraße 30
81925 Munich

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Patent Litigation & Licensing

Clemens Tobias Steins


Dr. jur., LL.M. (University College Dublin), Attorney-at-law


Languages: English, German, Japanese


Specialised on contracts and transactional work with regard to intellectual property (in particular licensing, R&D agreements, acquisitions and divestitures of IP portfolios). Active both as litigator and adviser in non-contentious matters relating to in particular patent law, competition law, unfair competition law and general commercial law as well as IT law. Special expertise in counselling Japanese enterprises on German and European law.


"ドイツ特許法の間接侵害に基づく損害の意義" [The German Patent Law's Understanding of Damages based on Indirect Infringement] (co-author), in: Law & Technology No. 58, January 2013; "2010 年特許侵害訴訟等におけるドイツ裁判所の判決" [German Court Decisions in Patent Infringement and Similar Cases in 2010] (co-author), in: 知財管理 [Intellectual Property Management] No. 12/2011; "ドイツ企業とのライセンス契約" [License Agreements with German Companies] (co-author), in: 知財ライセンス契約の法律相談 [Legal Counseling on Intellectual Property License Agreements] (ed. Yamagami/Fujikawa, Tokyo 2011); "Patent- und Gebrauchsmusterrecht in Japan" [Patent and Utility Model Law in Japan] (co-author), in: "Handbuch Japanisches Handels- und Wirtschaftsrecht" [Handbook on Japanese Trade- and Commercial Law] (Baum/Bälz; Heymanns 2011); "2009 年特許侵害訴訟等におけるドイツ裁判所の判決" [German Court Decisions in Patent Infringement and Similar Cases in 2009] (co-author), in: 知財管理 [Intellectual Property Management] No. 12/2010; "Licensing of Software in Germany – Checklist" and "Consumer Contracts in Germany – Checklist" (co-author), in: "The E-Commerce Legal Arsenal: Practitioner Agreements and Checklists" (American Bar Association, 2004); "Datenschutz bei Merger & Acquisition" [Data Protection in Merger & Acquisition], in: M&A Review, Issue 2, 2002; "Vertragsgestaltung bei Werbung und Vertrieb im Internet" [Drafting Contracts for Advertising and Distributing via the Internet], in: "Werbung in Vertrieb und Internet" [Advertising and Distributing via the Internet] (Leistner/Bettinger; Otto-Schmidt 2002); "The Principle of Exhaustion", in: Copyright World, Issue 109, April 2001

Professional memberships



Study of law at Saarbrücken University 1991-1995; first juridical examination 1995. Research assistant at the Institute of Law and Computers of Saarbrücken University 1992-1994. Legal traineeship in Düsseldorf 1996-1998. Doctorate in Law at Saarbrücken University 1998; Second juridical state examination 1998. LL.M., National University of Ireland/University College Dublin 1998/1999. German attorney-at-law since 1999. With HOFFMANN EITLE since 2007.


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