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Nobuchika Mamine

Contact vCard

P +49 (0)89 92409 0

Arabellastraße 30
81925 Munich

For security reasons we give you the possibility to communicate with Nobuchika Mamine in an encrypted form by e-mail.

Patent Litigation & Licensing

Nobuchika Mamine

Attorney-at-Law (Germany)


Languages: German, English, Japanese


Legal representation and consultation in patent law especially in the pharmaceutical and telecommunication field. Competition law including issues related to trade secrets. Licensing, R&D agreements, IP acquisitions and due diligence.


• „欧州・ドイツにおける近時のSEP訴訟の展開” [New developments in FRAND litigation in Germany/Europe, Patent News, No. 14638, 2018]
• „欧州における知財の動き“ [Developments in European IP law, IP Annual Report 2017-2018]
• „欧州知的財産法の試練-Brexit・欧州単一特許制度“ [ Challenges for European IP law –UP/UPC in the light of Brexit, Patent News No. 14369, 2017]
• „Huawei事件ECJ判決後のドイツSEP訴訟判決“ [FRAND litigation and decisions in Germany after the ECJ decision of July 16, 2015, Patent News, No. 14313, 2016]
• „欧州における知財の動き“ [Developments in European IP law, IP Annual Report 2016-2017]
• „ヨーロッパ知財情報“ [Update on IP law in Europe, Patent News, No. 14188, 2016]


Study of law at the Humboldt University zu Berlin; first juridical state examination 2000. Study of law at the University of Tokyo, Graduate Schools of Law and Politics; master of laws 2003. Legal training at the High Court of Berlin (Kammergericht); second juridical state examination in 2005. Attorney-at-law at an international law firm in Tokyo in the IP field (2005-2018); adjunct professor at the Tokyo University of Science (2016-2018). With HOFFMANN EITLE since 2018.