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Author(s): Dr. B. Kröger, Dr. Th. Bausch
In the April 2013 issue of "Patents & Licensing", Dr. Bernd Kröger and Dr. Thorsten Bausch of HOFFMANN EITLE's chemistry group discuss a recent patent case in Germany concerning the pharmaceutical active ingredient known as leflunomide.

In the bifurcated German court system, three different courts dealt with this case, and for the patent practitioner there may be some potentially interesting lessons to be learned.

An English summary and discussion of this case is also available in our contribution to the Kluwer Patent Blog:

Patents & Licensing is a bimonthly publication of IP·L Communications Inc., published in the English language in Japan. HOFFMANN EITLE has been the European correspondent of Patents & Licensing for many years. Further information on Patents & Licensing can be obtained on the publishers website at www.iplcom.jp.