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Problem & Action Needed

Our client is a German university that had entered into a license agreement with a US pharmaceutical company. Disputes regarding the license fees arose and the US company initiated arbitration proceedings as stipulated by the license agreement.

Case Study Patents

Hoffmann Eitle’s Team

Apart from patent litigation, Hoffmann Eitle has experience in alternative-dispute resolution in terms of arbitration and IP mediation. A team of two attorneys-at-law represented the client through all the stages of the proceedings.


After several hearings, a favorable arbitral award could be obtained for the client. Due to their experience in alternative-dispute resolution, the attorneys of Hoffmann Eitle could advise the client through the different stages of arbitration which shifted to mediation and then back to Arbitration. The Client found that it was greatly to ist Advantage that it could make efficient use of the procedural freedom alternative dispute resolution provides.