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IP Contracts

Legally secure agreements for efficient technology transfer 

In order to efficiently and reliably reach the economic and technological objectives of the parties, creative solutions and clear clauses are crucial. Licence, R&D and other IP-related contracts are part of the core expertise of our attorneys.

We advise you in all technical areas:

  • Chemistry
  • Life sciences
  • Biotechnology
  • Electrical engineering 
  • Digital technologies
  • Mechanical engineering

Our expertise in IP contracts:

  • Licences and other IP agreements
  • IP-related antitrust law
  • Technology-related competition law
  • Assertion of/defence against claims for damages
  • Compulsory licences
  • Provisional injunctions
  • Inspection proceedings
  • Border seizures
  • Patent strategy advice
Proactive approach to IP contracts

Our experience in negotiation management as well as in the exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property rights comes into play when negotiating and drafting licence and R&D agreements. Taking a proactive approach, we consider possible future scenarios, keep an eye on antitrust requirements and protect potential areas of conflict. We also help you draft watertight agreements using clear definitions, clauses and formulations, ensuring that your objectives are met.

Contact persons for IP contracts

Dirk Schüßler-Langeheine

Dr. jur., Attorney-at-Law and Mediator, UPC Representative

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Holger Stratmann

Attorney-at-Law, UPC Representative

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