License Agreements with German Companies

Publication | 07.06.2011

in: Legal Counseling on Intellectual Property License Agreements (Revised Edition), ed. Yamagami/Fujikawa (Tokyo 2011), p. 854-866 (in Japanese)

Author(s): Dr. Dirk Schüßler-Langeheine, Dr. Clemens Tobias Steins, LL.M.

This Japanese-Language compendium (Japanese Title: "Chizai License Keiyaku no Hōritsu Sōdan") addresses legal questions that often arise out of intellectual property license agreements. Dr. Dirk Schüßler-Langeheine and Dr. Clemens Tobias Steins, attorneys-at-law of HOFFMANN EITLE contributed one section addressing particular issues which Japanese companies may encounter when entering into a license agreement with a German company.

In particular, the below-listed issues are featured:

  • Important points to consider when entering into a license agreement with a German company
  • Procedures for obtaining a patent right/utility model right in Germany
  • Trademark rights in Germany
  • Court proceedings regarding the breach of a license agreement