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Seven offices in five European countries

HOFFMANN EITLE is an Intellectual property law firm headquartered in Munich. However, we think of ourselves as a pan-European law firm. With offices in Munich, London, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Milan*, Madrid* and Amsterdam* we maintain close contacts with our local and regional clients and partners in Europe.



HOFFMANN EITLE’s Munich headquarters are located in the Bogenhausen district in the Arabeska builiding, a modern office building in which we also have our own conference centre. About 80 patent attorneys and German attorneys at law work here, handling your cases not only before the German and European patent offices and the German Federal Patent Court, but also throughout other European jurisdictions and internationally. Our attorneys are supported by specialised formalities departments for e.g. patent filing, searching, translations and recordation matters. By centralising these formal tasks, we can perform them with speed and efficiency.

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HOFFMANN EITLE’s London office is centrally located near the River Thames in the heart of London’s legal district, between the City and the West End. Established in 1985, the London office provides its local and overseas clients with comprehensive expertise across a broad variety of technical disciplines such as chemistry, electrical engineering, information technology, mechanics, physics, software and telecommunications. All patent attorneys in the London office are dual qualified as both Chartered (British) and European patent attorneys and they are all qualified to practice before the Unified Patent Court – ideally positioning the London team to represent its clients in proceedings in the UK and before the European Patent Office.

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HOFFMANN EITLE Dusseldorf serves clients in the regions around the Rhine, Meuse and Waal rivers, as well as in the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region. We offer consultation services and representation in all fields of IP law, focusing in particular on registration, granting and court procedures for patents, utility models, trademarks and designs. We are able to make use of the infrastructure of our main office in Munich and hence benefit from the advantages of a major law firm. Furthermore, the Dusseldorf premises are regularly used by colleagues from other branch offices for meetings, e.g. in preparation of local court hearings.

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HOFFMANN EITLE Hamburg serves clients throughout Northern Germany and Scandinavia. Our patent attorneys provide personalised services for all aspects of acquiring, enforcing and defending IP rights. Our colleagues in Hamburg represent our clients before the German and European Patent Offices as well as the Federal Patent Court, the Federal Court of Justice and the patent litigation chambers of the German civil courts. In addition, we defend our clients against alleged infringement of IP rights or support them in parallel cross-border proceedings.

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Located in the new business district just above the lively Stazione Garibaldi, HOFFMANN EITLE S.R.L. specializes in providing comprehensive consultation services and representation for Italian clients in matters of IP law for all technical fields, in particular chemistry, mechanical engineering and physics, as well in trademark and design matters. In addition to drafting and prosecuting Italian, European and PCT applications our Milano office focusses on the validation of European patents in Italy. Furthermore, our attorneys are experienced in assisting Italian and foreign clients in patent litigation cases, especially before the major infringement courts of Milan and Turin.

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HOFFMANN EITLE SLU is located at the heart of the Spanish capital’s business district and near many Spanish government agencies– including the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (OEPM) and the Ministry of Industry. The Madrid office focuses on rendering quality services relating to the protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights in Spain, particularly in the fields of biotechnology, pharmacy and chemistry. The Madrid team represents its clients in proceedings before the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office, and is specialised in drafting applications, prosecution, oppositions and in providing advice on patent infringement and validity, freedom-to-operate, due diligence, supplementary protection certificates and IP strategy. 

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HOFFMANN EITLE B.V. is located in the financial and legal district of Amsterdam known as the "Zuidas" between Amsterdam Airport and the city centre.  We provide clients with comprehensive expertise across the whole range of IP. The broad variety of technical disciplines available within HOFFMANN EITLE is at our disposition, and we assist Dutch and other clients not only in securing and defending their IP, but also in related matters such as licensing and structuring R&D. With qualifications as Dutch and European patent attorneys, we can represent our clients before the Dutch and European patent offices and in patent matters at the courts in the Hague.

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