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Declan Mulhern

Contact vCard

P +49 (0) 89 92 40 90

Arabellastraße 30
81925 Munich

For security reasons we give you the possibility to communicate with Declan Mulhern in an encrypted form by e-mail.


Declan Mulhern


Ph.D. (Chemistry), Irish, British and European Patent Attorney


Languages: English


Declan’s practice includes drafting and prosecuting global patent applications as well as handling opposition and appeal proceedings before the European Patent Office. He works primarily in the field of chemistry, with a particular focus on pharmaceuticals, personal care products, foodstuffs, dyes, biological assays and general inorganic chemistry.

Professional memberships

European Patent Institute, Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys, Institute of Chemistry of Ireland and the Royal Society of Chemistry.


Declan studied undergraduate chemistry at Dublin City University (DCU) and Friedrich Schiller Universität, Jena. He was later awarded a Ph.D. in chemistry by DCU (2003) for developing new synthetic routes to ruthenium-polypyridyl complexes for use as water-splitting catalysts or sensitisers in solar cells. He also holds a Certificate in Intellectual Property Law from the University of London (2011). Declan gained valuable industrial experience both before and after his Ph.D. studies. He was a chemical engineer at Mitani Sangyo, Tokyo (1997-1999) and a research scientist in the ADME/Tox group at Daiichi Pure Chemicals (now Sekisui Medical), Ibaraki (2003-2007). His academic and industrial research is the subject of various scientific publications and conference contributions. Declan joined HOFFMANN EITLE in 2007 and qualified as a European Patent Attorney in 2010. British Patent Attorney and Irish Patent Attorney since 2016.