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Harmsworth House
13-15 Bouverie Street
EC4Y 8DP London

Robin is a British Part-Qualified IP Attorney affiliated with both the Mechanical Engineering and the Trademarks & Designs practice groups at HOFFMANN EITLE. Robin’s experience spans strongholds in all aspects of IP law, from patents to trademarks and designs. Robin’s particular focus is given on contentious work before all of the UKIPO and EPO in trademarks and patents, but has also included IP strategy, patent drafting, trademark filing, prosecution, validity assessment, design registration, freedom-to-operate analysis and infringement analysis. In the patents world, Robin has worked on a range of technologies in the mechanical, nuclear, materials science and aerospace engineering fields.

Robin completed the Queen Mary PGCert in Intellectual Property with a distinction, has attended INTA 2023 in Singapore and the London IP Week and is also a graduate of the WIPO-UNIGE Summer School in Intellectual Property Law.

Robin holds a DPhil in Materials Science (2017-2021) from St Edmund Hall, University of Oxford - where he focused on the micromechanics of CMC’s (Ceramic-Matrix Composites) for aero-propulsion, in partnership with Rolls-Royce. His doctoral studies enabled him to chair conferences due to his several publications in high-impact journals such as Nature and JECerS. Prior to his DPhil, Robin read Aerospace Materials (2013-2017) at Imperial College London where he completed a First Class MEng degree, sat on Dean’s List and worked with Reaction Engines on the leading edges of the Skylon spacecraft. Additionally, Robin was a visiting researcher at both the MIT (Tasan Group) and the Harvard CNS in Cambridge, MA (2016).

Born in Japan to a Belgian father and a Taiwanese mother, Robin was raised at the French International School of Hong Kong and is a third-culture individual at heart. Robin’s international outlook greatly benefits his ability to advise clients worldwide.

Outside of IP, Robin is also a professional dancer - qualifying as an Olympic-level judge in pole sports, and previously journeyed in the worlds of venture capital and fashion. 

Academic Degrees
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  • D.Phil. in Materials, University of Oxford, 2021
  • PGCert in Intellectual Property Law (Hons), Queen Mary, University of London, 2023
  • IROP in Materials Science in Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2016
  • M.Eng. (Hons) in Aerospace Materials, Imperial College London, 2017
Professional Membership
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  • CIPA
  • epi
  • INTA
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