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Trainee Patent Attorney Trainee Patent Attorney

Train to Become a Patent Attorney

The Traineeship

Our trainees aim to become a German patent attorney (or a patent attorney of another country) as well as a European patent attorney. The traineeship will last ca. 3-4 years, and will culminate in the sitting of various exams, including the European Qualifying Examination (EQE).

During the training period, each trainee will be assigned to a supervisor, who is an experienced patent attorney. With your supervisor, you will work together on cases, and step by step you will learn to advise clients on your own.

What we can offer you

We offer our trainees a competitive fixed salary, with opportunities for salary increases during the traineeship. More importantly, we can offer top-quality training.

One of our strengths is the experience we have acquired over decades in training patent attorneys. As the firm is large, we have many trainees in each year group. Over the years, this has proven to make the training period more enjoyable, and it is of course also useful to be able to discuss and exchange ideas with others at the same stage of training.

The fact that we have many trainees at a given point in time also means that we can hold a variety of in-house seminars and panel discussions for our trainees to further their expertise and supplement their “learning by doing”.

There are also various possibilities for further training outside of the office and we can provide a generous training budget for these. We also offer generous study leave in connection with professional exams.

Overall, our training model has proven to be very effective, and our EQE pass rates are well above average. For example, HOFFMANN EITLE had eight trainees pass the EQE in 2016, five in 2015 and eleven in 2014.

What we expect from you

In addition to the required technical qualifications at a university level, excellent English skills are a prerequisite for this challenging and diverse position. Experience working or studying abroad is welcome, but not essential. Our trainees must be confident, have first-rate technical comprehension, good communication skills (orally and in writing) and the ability to analyze complex facts and present these in precise terms.

The application process

We hire trainees year-round and are always looking to hire excellent graduates. You can apply at our offices in Munich also for positions in Dusseldorf and London or send your application directly to your desired branch office. Interviews take place with the responsible partners. It may also be possible to arrange a work shadowing day.

Our vacancies