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Conference events

Our exclusive conference events

Traditionally we at HOFFMANN EITLE attach great value to staying on top of the latest developments. As leaders in our field, we regularly present at external conferences, and also organise our own conference events for our clients and friends.

Life Science IP Webinar

Every two years for over two decades now, HOFFMANN EITLE holds the Life Science IP seminar in Munich. This year the seminar will be held online, via Zoom. The seminar delves into current topics in intellectual property law regarding Life Science inventions. This seminar is considered by many to be an important way to keep up to date with developments and is distinguished by the very high number of professional participants from both industry and law firms.

We look forward to welcoming you to our virtual event!

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UPC Masterclass

Our experts have been studying the design and development of the system closely from the beginning and look forward to entering a new era of patent litigation with you. In four case studies covering main practice areas of patent litigation, the new system will come to life, highlighting advantages, risks and strategic tweaks.

The timing of the individual webinars will allow for an in-depth assessment of the respective topic as well as for Q&As from your own practical background.

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UPC - Crash Course

All you need to know about the Unitary Patent & the Unified Patent Court in less than 60 minutes!

Status - timing - provisional application - unitary protection - unified enforcement - costs and savings - opting out - what do to by when - best practices

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UPC - Comprehensive Online Seminar

Getting Ready for the New European Patent System - Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court

Overview and status

• Provisional application: the way into the shimmer
• Brexit: filling the gaps
• Decision of constitutional court: enough is enough

The Unitary Patent

• Structure/nature
• Costs/Savings


• Structure: local vs. central
• Jurisdiction: UPs and EPs
• Procedure: speed matters
• Remedies: tabula rasa
• UPC revocation vs. EPO opposition

Opting out?

• Procedure
• Criteria/pros and cons
• Best practice
Case examples: Product/Process/Use Claims

Speakers: Dr. Thorsten Bausch - Dr. Esther Pfaff - Dr. Dirk Schüßler-Langeheine - C. Thomas Becher - Dr. Niels Hölder

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Comparative Patent Practice Conference (CPPC) Webinar

Since the 1980s, HOFFMANN EITLE has been holding comparative IP law seminars in Japan. In the annual “Comparative Patent Practice Conference (CPPC)“ held in Tokyo, HOFFMANN EITLE goes over current patent law issues from a European perspective, commented on by experts from Japan. There are also presentations on US patent practice, allowing a comparison between the jurisdictions. This event is probably unique in its form and comparative approach and is widely recognised by industrial representatives as well as patent attorneys and attorneys-at-law.

Due to the current pandemic and resulting travel restrictions, the conference will be held as a webinar this year.

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