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Conference events

Our exclusive conference events

Traditionally we at HOFFMANN EITLE attach great value to staying on top of the latest developments. As leaders in our field, we regularly present at external conferences, and also organise our own conference events for our clients and friends.

International Symposium 2018 - Patent Litigation in Japan und Germany

After 2009 and 2014, for the third time an international symposium focusing on patent litgation in Japan and Germany will be held in Munich. Outstanding experts of patent litigation proceedings will discuss cutting-edge topics of interest in both jurisdictions, from a legal and practical comparative viewpoint, including inter alia :

- Recent changes and political developments affecting patent litigation
- Claim construction and doctrine of equivalence after the "maxacalcitol" judgement of the Japanese Supreme Court and the "pemetrexed" judgement of the German Federal Court of Justice
- Protection of confidential Information in patent litigation
- The use of mediation/ conciliation, court settlements and arbitration as effective means of alternative dispute resolution.
- How to avoid hindsight in the assessment of inventive step

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